Circle of Life East Hartford

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Community Projects at Circle of Life in East Hartford

Outreach Programs in Schools

A series of opportunities are provided for young people to participate in multi-cultural dance classes, performances and other mediums of self-expression through movement. We build awareness of healthy life styles, including nutrition and movement/exercise to develop creative choices for self development. We target children and teens from 3 to 18 including special needs students.

Outreach Introduction to the Arts

Our Mission is to discover children and teens who would benefit from our Youth Development training through our Arts programs entitled “Dance Your Way to Success.”

Our theme “Finding Hidden Treasurers“ is the catalyst we use in our After School Enrichment Programs.  We presently have many “Finding Hidden Treasurers Programs" at Silva's Day Care Learning Center, plus our many studio programs for our young children and senior citizen "Forever Young" students.

In-House Studio programs at Circle of Life Ballroom East

The students who have discovered their potential and love of dance movement who seek additional training in a specific dance form are invited to participate on dance teams to display their newfound skills.  These students are eligible to participate in sanctioned junior dance competitions, as well as, perform in numerous dance productions, which are open and free to the public.  They are invited to take any class offered at Circle of Life Dance Studio.  Our program is called, "Dance Your Way to Success Youth Development Programs."

Teen Center

Circle of Life’s Teen Center offers structured programs in dance and fine arts to develop self-expression, self-awareness and ethnic pride through multi-cultural dances and art venues. We include at risk teens and special needs teens who are excluded from or who choose to exclude themselves from traditional school activities.

Senior Citizens Socialization Programs

An in-house and outreach program designed for Senior Citizens who want to remain healthy and young at heart is provided weekly. Every Friday afternoon is devoted to a ballroom dance socialization program for seniors.  It consists of a two hour professional ballroom dance lesson, and a two hour social tea dance which includes desserts and beverages. Our seniors act as mentors in our inter-generational Development Youth Programs. They also get opportunities to be in public town showcases and perform at Health Fairs, Churches and Senior Centers. A modest donation of $3.00 is used for the inter-generational dance opportunities and public performances. Money pays for the dance with refreshments included.